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Second DUI Offense in Las Vegas

A second DUI charge within Las Vegas is not something to be taken lightly. While it is still considered as a misdemeanor, the penalties are far more severe. It is vital that the assistance of an experienced Las Vegas DUI lawyer is obtained to ensure that the negative consequences of a second drunk driving conviction can be avoided by having the charges reduced, or outright dropped.

Driving under the influence, explained

Nevada deems a person to be driving under the influence under the following circumstances:

Drivers can still be charged with DUI even if they were driving within their lane or have not caused any damage or injury, as long as the above conditions are present.

Penalties for a second Nevada DUI charge

A second DUI Nevada conviction within seven years of the first one is still regarded as a misdemeanor as long as no serious injuries or deaths were sustained at the time of the arrest. Expected penalties include the following:

Second DUI defense

In dealing with second-time DUI charges in Las Vegas, it is vital that all the important factors in the case are taken into account. The defense lawyer can then go over all the particulars during the arrest itself, to determine if any overstepping of jurisdiction or mishandling of the case was committed, or if there are any weaknesses in the charge itself that can be exploited. The defense attorney can weaken the prosecution’s case against his defendant with the following:

Plea Bargains and record-sealing

It may not be possible to score a full acquittal for the defendant’s Las Vegas DUI case. In this kind of situation, the defense lawyer will endeavor to have the courts reduce the charge to a Nevada reckless driving conviction. While the defendant will receive the same penalties, he or she can benefit in the long run due to the following reasons:

  1. A lesser sentence does not count toward’s the defendant’s DUI records. If he or she gets charged again for DUI, he or she will face lesser penalties.
  2. A lesser sentence keeps a cleaner record for the defendant than suffering a second DUI, thereby ensuring that prospective employers will not ignore him or her because of his drunk driving sentence.
  3. Reckless driving only adds eight demerit points to a defendant’s license, instead of warranting an automatic suspension.
  4. The waiting period before a defendant can ask the courts to seal his or her reckless driving conviction record only takes two years, as opposed to a DUI conviction that requires seven years before it is clear for sealing.

Goodman Criminal Defense Attorney DUI Lawyer for Second DUI Nevada

A second DUI Nevada conviction is objectively tougher to deal with than a first-time DUI charge due to the tougher penalties that you can face. It is advisable that the person accused with driving under the influence for a second time should get in touch with a veteran drunk driving lawyer immediately to properly assess the situation and mount up a suitable defense.

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