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Medical Marijuana Laws in Las Vegas – Drug Crimes Attorney of Goodman Criminal Defense Attorney

Possession and sale of marijuana in Las Vegas and Nevada are illegal, with the exception of individuals with a valid Registry Identification Card as well as their registered caretakers and commercial establishments with a license to distribute medical marijuana to the public. Further details below.

The status of medical marijuana in Las Vegas

Currently, the federal government does not recognize the legality of marijuana, even for medical use, but no arrests have been made as of now; however, they may change their position in the future.

With a license, medical marijuana is legal

The use of medical marijuana is allowed and protected under Nevada law as long as they have been evaluated by a licensed physician as a prescription for medical marijuana. To receive their prescription of medical marijuana, they are required to apply to the Nevada Medical Marijuana Cardholder/Caregiver program.

As long as cardholders and caretakers have to abide by the program’s guidelines, they may not be prosecuted by the state for possession, trafficking, and cultivation. Cardholders can have their license revoked and can still be prosecuted for possession if they do not follow these guidelines. Furthermore, cardholders are not immune to other crimes related to marijuana such as driving under the influence of marijuana, and possessing a firearm in public while under the influence of marijuana.

Medical conditions approved for medical marijuana

How much medical marijuana can I possess?

Cardholders and their primary caregiver can possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana in any 14-day period. Note that the cardholder and primary caregiver cannot each possess 2.5 ounces of marijuana.

Can I grow my own marijuana?

If a medical marijuana dispensary is not available in your area or they cannot provide enough for your needs, you may be allowed to cultivate up to twelve marijuana plants with permission from the Nevada State Health Division. Learn more about the Las Vegas Dispensary Laws to be well informed.

Can minors apply to the Nevada Medical Marijuana Program?

Yes. Minors under eighteen can apply for a Registry Identification Card similar to adults as long as they are suffering from the same debilitating ailments we’ve mentioned before. The parents or guardian will be required to sign a minor release form and must act as their primary caregiver.

Can I consume medical marijuana in public?

No, you may only use or consume medical marijuana privately or away from public view.

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