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You Can Be Charged With DUI, Even If THEY Bumped Into You

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Sober or not, it may still be possible for you to be arrested for driving under the influence even if another driver bumped into your car. We’ve listed the most likely scenarios and possible defense strategies for each of them and how a Las Vegas DUI attorney can defend you from the following as well as any other DUI scenario.


You were the designated driver for your friends after a night out of drinking. Someone suddenly bumped into your car while you were driving, accidentally or not. When the police arrived, they noticed the smell of alcohol coming from your vehicle. If the police hastily jumped to a conclusion or if you refused to do the breathalyzer test for some reason, you may be charged with DUI.

What you should do:

You were actually drinking and driving. Because of your state of inebriety (i.e. stopping suddenly), which could have caused you to collide with the driver behind you. When the police arrived to investigate, they saw that you were intoxicated, and arrested you.

What you should do:

Like the above but instead of waiting for the police to arrive, you fled the scene to avoid the police (hit and run), but they still found you later anyway.

What you should do:

The police collided with you, drunk or not. To get out of trouble, they filed a false police report that incriminates the victim of a DUI. Here’s a sample of similar case.

What you should do:


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