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Driving With a Suspended License

Suspended License Defense Lawyer Las Vegas

It is difficult to get by on your daily life when you cannot drive because your license is suspended. While it could be tempting to drive even with your license suspended, it is never wise to do it because of the graver consequences.

According to the law

A driver’s license suspension is a result of many traffic violations, one of which is driving under the influence. If you are suspended, you are obviously prohibited to drive any vehicle. Chapter 483 of Nevada’s Revised Statutes clearly states that anyone who drives a vehicle with a suspended driver’s license is committing a misdemeanor. A defense lawyer in Las Vegas should discuss these matters to you in case you want to know more.

When you are caught

If you are caught driving by the police even if your license suspended, you will receive penalties depending on the state or situation of your case. They usually include extra fines, immediate jail times, and, on some occasions, losing your right to have a license.

Even if your court case, for example a diving under the influence (DUI) charge, is finished and your suspension has been lifted, you will still have to reinstate your license at the Department of Motor Vehicles personally since a driver license suspension will not undo itself on the department.

Additional penalties

As mentioned, you will receive additional penances, aside from your ongoing penalties. Some of the most common penalties are:

Defenses to use

Fortunately, you can challenge the sanctions given to you when caught driving with a suspended license. You can use the notice defense or the argument that you were never aware of your license suspension because the court or DMV failed to inform you. This could happen and if proven, your case might probably be deferred.

You can also appeal for a restricted license if you need to drive even with a suspended license. However, your eligibility for this condition still depends on your current case.

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