Motorcycle Accidents Statistics

Statistics show that motorcycle accidents are generally riskier and more dangerous than riding another vehicle.


  • Accidents because of vehicle failure are estimated to be less than 3% of motorcycle accidents.
  • 25% were caused by single motorcycle accidents, while the remaining 75% consists of multiple vehicles.
    • In single vehicle accidents, human error is the most common cause due to speeding or over-braking.
    • lIn multiple vehicle accidents, the other vehicle didn’t give the motorcycle the right-of-way and is a frequent cause of accidents.


  • Wearing proper safety equipment and receiving proper training can lower the occurrence and severity of injuries in the road.
  • Meanwhile, chance and severity increases if the rider is intoxicated or distracted.
  • According to the CDC, injuries to the leg/foot is the most likely to be injured followed by the head and neck.


  • Motorcycles have a higher fatality rate than automobiles and the injuries are more severe since the motorcycle itself doesn’t contribute any protection whatsoever to the rider.
  • Thirty times more likely to die compared to automobiles.
  • People less than 40 years old takes more risks while riding.

Responsible motorcycle riders need not fear as we don’t discourage their usage.  If an accident did occur and you got injured because of someone’s recklessness, contact a Las Vegas personal injury attorney for help.