How To Prevent Cigarette Fires

There’s always a risk of something catching on fire whenever someone’s smoking. This is obviously problematic if something you own burned or was damaged because of a fire, all because of someone else forgetting to put their cigarette out.

Here are some very important safety tips for all smokers:

  • Make sure that the cigarette but is really out even if it’s in an ashtray. There have been some cases when fires started because of a still smoldering cigarette. We suggest putting some water in the ashtray if possible.
  • Smoke alarms are important even if no one in your home smokes. Most cases of fire accidents happen from cooking, so it’s absolutely essential that everyone has one wherever fire is involved.
  • Smokers shouldn’t smoke in bed. Falling asleep is very possible even if you don’t think you’ll fall asleep with the cigarette lit. Clothes and surrounding furniture can be set on fire by the cigarette.
  • Drugs, alcohol and cigarettes are all bad combinations, especially so with alcohol.

If anyone you know was injured or their property damaged, please contact a Las Vegas personal injury attorney as soon as possible. We have a general article about fire accidents if you’re interested in reading further.